The peasant woman of the Tver province


The artist is the Venetian

This work is at the same time a portrait of a particular person and an image of a generalized peasant type. Venetianov wrote peasants, whom he knew well, but preferred the “correct, strict faces” found among the Russian people of the northern provinces, reminiscent of antique. Restraint and at the same time the brightness of the color scheme: a white shirt, dark red sweatshirt-a headdress of married women, he was worn on weekdays, when kokoshniks were worn on the holidays; sundress and green foliage – all this emphasizes the life reliability of the image. The picture dates back to the late period of Venetianov’s work. The difference from the earlier images of the peasant women is the greater elaboration of details, the subtle plot of what is happening (the young woman rests on the hedge, waiting for some meeting).

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