Portrait b. To. Danzas


The artist is unknown

A comparison with iconographic material allows us to confidently say that the portrait depicts Boris Karlovich Danzas (1799–1868) – the grandfather of the alleged owner of the portrait E. D. Danzas, Director of the Department of the Ministry of Justice, Senate Chief Prosecutor, Acting Privy Councilor, Brother Konstantin Karlovich Danzas-friend and second. With. Pushkin. The previous attribution was based on the text stickers on the back of the picture. However, among representatives of the masculine kind of Danzasov, initials e. D. Do not meet. Most likely, the sticker fixes the name of the portrait owner: E. D. Danzas-Ekaterina Dmitrievna Danzas-daughter of the colonel of the 1st rifle battalion Dmitry Borisovich Danzas (1841–1875) and Lyubov Ferdinandovna (nearean. Corf). In the cat. 1980 (p. 387. No. 6936): Portrait E. D. Danzas (?) (without decoding initials). 1840s.

N. X. Unknown artist. SPb, 2012. With. 173.

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