Portrait of the Count. AND. Stroganova


The artist is Steiben

Stroganov Grigory Aleksandrovich (1770–1857) – Baron, Count from 22.08.1826.

The only son of the actual secret adviser to Baron Alexander Nikolayevich Stroganov (1740-1789) from marriage with Elizabeth Alexandrovna Zagryazhskaya (1745–1831).

Russian diplomat, ambassador to Spain (C 1805), Sweden (1812) and Turkey (1816) and England (1838). Acting Privy Counselor (1821), Ober-Camerger (1836), chamberlain of the highest yard (1846). Supreme Court Member of the Decembrists, member of the State Council (1827).

Count’s nephew Sergey Alexandrovich Stroganov (1733–1811). Father Sergei Grigoryevich Stroganov (1794-1882), married since 1818 on Countess Natalya Pavlovna Stroganova (1796-1872) received the title of Count after marriage.

Cousin’s uncle n. N. Goncharova, wife a. With. Pushkin. After the death of Pushkin, he led the guardianship of the children of the poet and his property.

Married: The first marriage on Princess Anna Sergeyevna Trubetskoy (1765–1824), the second – on Countess Julia Petrovna d’Eg. d’Almeida, 1784–1864). He was buried in the Lazarevsky cemetery of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra.

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