Portrait of Count a. AND. Perovsky (writer Anton Pogorelsky)


The artist is Bryullov

Perovsky Alexey Alekseevich (1787-1836)-a famous Russian writer who created his works under the pseudonym Anthony Pogorelsky. The author of the story “Double, or my evenings in Little Russia” (1828), fairy tales “Black Chicken, or underground inhabitants” and the novel “Monastery” (1830-1833). Extramarous son of Count a.To. Razumovsky. Studied at Moscow University.

Patriotic War 1812. He was part of a free society of fans of Russian literature, whose members were also to. Ryleyev, b. Kuchelbeker and other future Decembrists.
The portrait was written in Moscow, where Bryullov arrived on December 25, 1835, and was over no later than May 11, 1836. That day a.With. Pushkin wrote to his wife to Petersburg about his visit to a.AND. Perovsky, from whom, according to him, “Bryullov, who was captured by him, fled and quarreled with him”.

The writer is depicted sitting by the window against the background of the landscape. His gaze is somewhat tense and attentive. The pose is free, and the attractive face is spiritualized.

Head of the Painting Department of the XVIII-XIX centuries of the Russian Museum of.N.Goldovsky about the portrait a.AND.Perovsky (from a series of reports "Artists and collectors – the Russian Museum. Gifts. Favorites")

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