Portrait a. AT. Stupin with students


The artist is Alekseev

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A striking example of the new in the art of the first half of the 19th century the genre of the group portrait of the creative intelligentsia is the canvas of Nikolai Mikhailovich Alekseev “Portrait of Stupin with students”. He was written by Alekseev as a program for the title of academician. Moreover, the artist was set a certain task – “to produce a group of four or five generation figures depicting Academician Stupin, surrounded by students and considering the work of one of them”. Why, suddenly a similar plot, a similar plot was a given official topic, and why Stupin attracted such a serious attention to his person?

Alexander Vasilievich Stupin, the personality is actually very famous. He was the creator and ideological inspirer of the “Arzamas drawing school” – one of the most serious among provincial educational institutions. It was opened in 1805, and already in 1809 the Academy of Arts adopted Stupin’s school under her patronage, thereby recognizing the high level of education and professionalism of her students. The school lasted until 1862 and, unfortunately, was closed after the death of Stupin, since his heir – the author of the picture Nikolai Alekseev – could not receive the support of the academy. Family ties of artists partly also explain the appearance of the canvas. Nikolai Mikhailovich since 1834 was married to the daughter of Stupin.

The head of the Arzamas school solemnly sits in the center of the canvas. Orders gleam on the front dress, in the buttonhole of the Order of St. Anna of the III degree, and on the Vladimir tape the bronze medal “In memory of the Patriotic War of 1812”. Who around him is definitely not known. True exists version a.N.Benoit that the image of a young man in a dressing gown can be a self -portrait of Alekseev himself. And indeed a comparison with a well -known self -portrait of 1845 does not refute this assumption.

E.AT.Amphilokhiev, e.AT.Stankevich and N.AND.Fedorova. Materials for a virtual tour of the exhibition "Diaghilev. Start". 2009

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Stupin Alexander Vasilievich (1776–1861) – painter. In 1787, in Arzamas he entered the training of a painter Lopitin, then worked as a student at a number of local masters. Since September 1797, he becomes an independent master, accepts orders and recruits students. Thinking of creating a school in Arzamas, he went to St. Petersburg, where from 1800 to 1802 he was engaged in IAX, paying special attention to the teaching methodology. In 1801 he received a silver medal of second dignity, and at the end – a certificate for the title of artist of the XIV class. Returning, he set to organize the Arzamas drawing school, which he opened in 1805. In 1809, Iah accepted Stupin’s school under her patronage, and the artist himself received the title of academician. The portrait was executed as an academic program on the task “to make a group of four or five generation figures in a natural size depicting Academician Stupin, surrounded by students and considering the work of one of them”. For him in 1839, Alekseev received the title of academician.

Portrait Gallery of the Russian Museum. Persons of Russia. SPb. 2012. With. 141.

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