In the living room of the Moscow House Durnovo


The artist is unknown

The picture is an excellent example of the interior in painting, with portraits of the family – the popular genre of the first half of the XIX century. Based on the commentary in the catalog of the Tauride exhibition (1905) p. And. Dashkina clarified the name and dating of the canvas, as well as the names and biographies of the depicted.

The owner of the house Ivan Nikolaevich Durnovo (1784–1850) sits on the right on the right. The son of an infantry general, at the age of two, was recorded in the Life Guards Semenovsky Regiment. He began actual military service in 1807 in battles with the French. In the battle of Friedland, he was seriously wounded. In 1809-Colonel, in 1813-Major General. Patriotic War of the 1812 Patriotic War. In 1821 he resigned and lived in Moscow, in 1844 he moved in St. Petersburg. On the contrary, Dmitry Sergeevich Levshin sits (1801–1871). For many years he served at the General Staff. Lieutenant General (1857). Since 1858 – the trustee of the Kharkov training district, in 1863 he was transferred to the same position to Moscow, where he simultaneously held the post of director of the Moscow Public and Rumyantsev Museum (1864–1867). Awards d. With. Levshina allowed to date the picture: in December 1838 he was granted the Order of St. Stanislav 3rd degree, in 1839 renamed the Order of St. Stanislav 2nd degree (cross on the cervical tape), with which Levshin is depicted in the picture. The upper limit of the dating is determined by the date of receipt of the Order of St. George of the 4th degree (1841), which the depicted does not have. Was married to a niece and. N. Durnovo Natalya Mikhailovna. Petrovskaya; 1806–1891). She is depicted sitting on the couch. Next to her is the son of Mikhail and daughter Nadezhda.

At the fireplace stands Pavel Dmitrievich Durnovo (1804–1864)-son of Ober-Hoffmarshal, participant in the Russian-Turkish war of 1828–1829. In 1830 he married the daughter of the Serene Prince P. M. Volkonsky, which served as the beginning of his brilliant career. Was a famous collector and art lover.

The last two characters are determined presumably: Sergey Alekseevich Levshin (1771–1847) – retired captain, father of Colonel D. With. Levshina, and Vasily Petrovich Naumov – son -in -law Maria Nikolaevna Durnovo, sisters of the owner of the house.

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