The killing of Tsarevich Dmitry in Uglich


The artist is Pleshanov

With the death of the youngest son of Ivan the Terrible Tsarevich Dmitry (1582-1591), which caused a long political crisis, many mysteries and legends are connected. The most popular of them is the version of his intentional murder. Dmitry died in Uglich on May 15, 1591. On this day, according to eyewitnesses, he played “poke”: he threw a pointed knife into the ground. Suddenly, he began an attack of “blackness”, that is, epilepsy, and the prince either fell on a knife, or “shake” him. Next to Dmitry at that moment were the mother of Vasilisa Volokhova, Cormilica Arina Tuchkova and the bedding of Marya Kolobova. Hearing screams, the queen ran out into the courtyard and saw her only son dead. The investigation commission sent by Godunov, which included the future king, Prince Vasily Shuisky, established death from an accident.

The tragic death of Tsarevich Dmitry was interpreted by popular rumor as a murder committed according to Boris Godunov in order to clear his way to the throne. This event, in fact, laid the foundation for the vague time and caused the appearance of “False Dmitriy”. Tsarevich Dmitry in 1606 was canonized in the face of a noble. (E. Sh., AT. Bor.)

Pleshanov, repeatedly addressed the history of the era of Ivan the Terrible and Time of Troubles, depicted grief of the participants in the drama through the pathetics of poses and gestures.

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