Portrait of the Cesarevna Maria Aleksandrovna


The artist is Bryullov

Maria Aleksandrovna (Maximilian Wilhelmin Augustus Sofia Maria; July 27 / August 8, Darmstadt − May 22 / June 8, 1889, St. Petersburg) − The recognized daughter of the Grand Duke of Hessian Louis II. Wife of Emperor Alexander II (since 1841). He headed the department of Mariinsky gymnasiums and educational institutions, devoting his life to charity and concern for female education. On her initiative in Russia, the All -Union female gymnasiums were opened and the Red Cross was established, military hospitals, countless shelters, and boarding houses were founded.

The 400th anniversary of the Romanov house. SPb, 2013. With. 111.

Maria Aleksandrovna (1824–1880) – nee Princess Maximilian Wilhelmin Augustus Sofia Maria Gessa and Zareinskaya. After the adoption of Orthodoxy – Maria Alexandrovna. Since 1841 – Grand Duchess, the wife of Grand Duke Alexander Nikolaevich, from 1855 – Empress. Mother of Emperor Alexander III (1845–1894).

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