Family portrait


The artist is Mokritsky

In the XIX century, the formation of a peculiar genre “in the rooms” is becoming, to which you can apply the formula “Family Portrait in the interior” borrowed in the name of Visconti’s film. In these scenes of a quiet family pastime, the plot is a simple stay together in the native walls. People drink tea, play, read, smoke tubes, play at the broken tables, there are children immediately, sometimes dogs. The ingenuous accuracy of the promising image of interiors with tastingly placed and planted figures along the walls was natural for contemporaries. Today, looking through the “removed” walls into the houses of long -disappeared people, considering their life, admiring the light that a century ago illuminated the anfilads of spacious rooms, we hear the “echo of the past tense” and feel the magical effect of presence in someone else’s life. As a guest who was “not waiting”, we observe the mysterious self -sufficiency of these family harmonies. Sometimes depicted turn around, as if by accidentally noticing the viewer, there is a moment of contact, posing. Lyubov Shakirova. Family album of the Russian Museum // Portrait of Family. SPb, 2014. With. eight.

The official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has two orders (St. Vladimir 4 tbsp. and St. Stanislav 3 tbsp.) and the distinction of the “XX years of immense service” with the family.// Portrait of the family. SPb., 2014. With. 44.

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