View of Ayu-Dag in Crimea from the sea


The artist is Chernetsov

At the invitation of the Governor General of the Novorossiysk and Bessarabian Count M. With. Vorontsova n. Chernetsov worked in the governorship of Tauride (1832–1836). He performed paintings and watercolor studies with views of Crimean estates, parks, churches, mosques for different customers, including for Prince A.N. Golitsyna, princesses Yusupova and others. Honed by skill, thoroughly in performance, meticulously reproducing nature, diverse on topics, they enjoyed great success. The results of Nikanor’s stay in the Crimea and for contemporaries and descendants were extremely impressive: his Crimean baggage included more than 300 drawings, Sepi, watercolors.

The modern observer wrote: "In the Crimea, we managed to see a lovely collection of views of the southern shore there, compiled by the artist Chernetsov, traveling along the highest command… His portfolio, which he had a favor to show us, contains invaluable treasures. …He began a new era for Russian self -knowledge, familiarizing us with wealth, which we do not know, inspired us with love and pride in his Fatherland" (Telescope, No. 1, 1836).

In the last year of his Crimean trip n. Chernetsov performed and sent to his brother g.Chernetsov two landscapes with the image of Ayu-Dag to show the emperor and their author’s ranks for the office in May 1836.

Pair – "View of the foot of ay-daga". 1836 (Zh-5500)

Ayu-Dag or Bear-Gora is located on the southern coast of Crimea, on the border of Bolshoi Alushta and Big Yalta. Mountain height – 577 meters, length 2400 meters. Many legends are associated with this Crimean peak. One of them tells that a long time ago a huge bear wandered around the mountains and forests for a long time. After himself, he left deep valleys, potholes and ravines on the ground. Having reached a beautiful, flowering partenite valley, he, weary of long wanderings, leaned toward the sea to get drunk water. He drank for a long time and eagerly, so on the command of the sea God and froze, petrified and turning into a huge mountain.

Pictures with the image of Mount Ayu-Dag at the command of the Minister of the Court of Council. P. AT. Volkonsky was delivered to Elagin Palace and favorably accepted, and their creator was awarded the monarch of awards – a traditional diamond ring.

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