Portrait of Children of the Gorsbins: Olga Ivanovna (1839-1898), in marriage Rosenbach, and Fedor Ivanovich (1836-1903)


The artist is Fedotov

Zherbina Olga Ivanovna (1839–1898) – daughter m. And. Wing (from second marriage) and and. F. Zherbina (1778–1840) – commerce of an adviser, the former mayor of St. Petersburg, a famous figure in the field of charity, stepdaughter from. With. Krylova. Subsequently, she was married to the Adjutant General, the general from infantry and. O. Rosenbach.

Grybin Fedor Ivanovich (1836–1903) – brother about. And. Zherbina, stepson with. With. Krylova, a pupil of the school of guards ensign, subsequently Lieutenant General, member of the State Duma.

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