Portrait of the Rostovtsev family


The artist is Zaryanko

I am depicted. And. Rostovtsev-in the vitsmund of the Adjutant General, with the Order of St. George of the 4th degree (cross in the buttonhole; 1843) and his sons-in the vitzmunders of the chief officers of the Life Guards of the Kirasir Regiment.

Rostovtsev Yakov Ivanovich (1803–1860). He graduated from the Page Corps, served in the Life Guards Jaeger Regiment. Member of the Northern Society of the Decembrists; informed Nikolai I about the upcoming uprising, without calling the names of the conspirators. Colonel (1832), Major General (1841), Adjutant General (1849), Lieutenant General (1849), infantry general (1859). Head of the Main Staff for Military Educational Institutions. He took an active part in the preparation of the reform of 1861 (chairman of the editorial commissions for the drawing up of the Regulation on peasants). After the death of Rostovtsev, his widow and sons were erected in the count dignity.

Rostovtseva Vera Nikolaevna (nearean. Emin; 1807–1888)-daughter of the Finnish General-Governor N. F. Emin, since 1829 – I wife. And. Rostovtseva, since 1861-Countess, in 1864-the trustee of the Alexander-Mariinsky children’s shelter.

Rostovtsev Nikolay Yakovlevich (1831 – not earlier than 1869). He studied at the artillery school, in 1848 he entered the root in the Life Guards Cuirassier Regiment. Lieutenant (1850), captain (1854), outbuilding adjutant (1856), count (1861), colonel of the General Staff (1861), major general. Married (since 1831) on Maria Vasilievna Bridgeman. He died no earlier than 1869, since his youngest son Mikhail was born on December 19, 1869.

Rostovtsev Mikhail Yakovlevich (1832–1870). From 1850-the cornet of the Life Guards of the Kiirassier Regiment, Lieutenant (1852), headquarters-trapistr (1856), captain (1858), adjutant of the Minister of War (1858), Count (1861), adjutant womb (1861), colonel (1862). He died in Tashkent. He was not married.

Rostovtseva Alexandra Yakovlevna (1836–1855). I was not married.

The portrait is dated no earlier than 1850 (the year of the entry of Mikhail Rostovtsev to the cornet to the cuirassier regiment) and no later than 1854 (the year of receipt by Nikolai Rostovtsev, headquarters of the officer rank of captain).

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