Portrait of Princess Tatyana Vasilievna Yusupova, birth. Engelgart, wives of Prince N.E. Yusupova


The artist is Robertson

Yusupova Tatyana Vasilievna (nearer. Engelhardt; 1769–1841) – Princess, daughter in. AND. Engelhardt and m. AND. Potemkina, the younger niece of the bright prince of g. AND. Potemkina-Tauride. Freilyin Catherine II (from 1781). From 1785-spouse of General-Muchik m. With. Potemkina. In the second marriage (1793) for the actual secret adviser to the prince n. B. Yusupov. Collected carved and precious stones. There were g in her house. R. Derzhavin, c. AND. Zhukovsky, a. With. Pushkin, and. AND. Krylov. Buried in the Annunciation Church of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra. The portrait was exhibited at the Tauride exhibition (Petersburg, 1905) (catalog. Ext. five. No. 1295. Prince’s property f. F. Yusupova in St. Petersburg).

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