Portrait of Bishop Macarius


The artist is Igor

Bishop Makariy (Bulgakov Mikhail Petrovich; 1816–1882) – rector of the St. Petersburg Theological Academy (1850–1857), subsequently Metropolitan of Moscow. He graduated from the Kursk Theological Seminary (1837), the Kyiv Theological Academy with the degree of master of theology (1841). Doctor of Theology (1847). Honorary Member of the Imperial Archaeological Society and the St. Petersburg Theological Academy. From 1868 a member of the Holy Synod. Since 1879 – Metropolitan of Moscow and Kolomensky. The greatest fame was as a scientist, the author of capital works in the field of theology and history. Its main historical work-the “History of the Russian Church” in 12 volumes (the 13th was not completed in connection with the death)-was published in 1883 (reprinted in 1994–1996). From his theological works, the most famous is the two-volume labor of “Orthodox-demonstrative theology” and “Introduction to Orthodox theology”.

Portrait Gallery of the Russian Museum. Persons of Russia. SPb. 2012. With. 113.

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