Female portrait


The artist is unknown

Dated by the cover of the dress and the shape of the hairstyle. Written according to a scheme that has completely developed by the middle of the XIX century. It was widely used by many artists who performed custom portraits (g. And. Yakovlev, e. AND. Plushar and others). Unlike the ceremonial portrait, not the social status and the image of regalia are emphasized here, but the features of the appearance, character, charm of the personality: the beauty of a young woman, big eyes, a beautiful outbreak of lips, a soft oval of face, a line of shoulders. Dear earrings and a gold bracelet indicate material well -being, and the ring on the index finger of the left hand is that it is engaged. Probably, betrothal was the reason for ordering a portrait. An important place in the picture is a bouquet in a glass vase. The set of colors in it has a symbolic meaning, emphasizing that the “language of flowers” ​​of the 18th century is not forgotten: a white rose denotes a crystal clear soul, pink – true love and friendship, unexplored buds – indicate a long prospect of development and improvement, and pansies mean: the eyes mean: “All thoughts about you”.

N. X. Unknown artist. SPb, 2012. With. 164.

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