Portrait of the girl


The artist is unknown

Following the traditions of the household portrait of the second quarter of the XIX century, the unknown author presented the girl in the form of a fashionist walking around the garden, flirtingly inclined to the floral basket. The picture is distinguished by a bright, but not colorful flavor, the desire to convey the textured features of different materials, but the errors in the figure and proportions in the image of the children’s figure give out the hand of unprofessional master. Like most representatives of the art of the so -called incit (primitive), the artist concentrated attention on the details: hairstyle and suit. It is these details that allow you to more accurately date the image. Smooth hair combed on a straight parting, turning into curls, decorated with ribbons dress with narrow sleeves and a wide skirt, a thread of coral beads-characteristic details of the female fashion of the 1840s. Interestingly, in the process of working on the portrait, the costume and hairstyle of the girl were subjected to significant alterations.

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