Portrait of Metropolitan of Moscow Filaret (1782–1867)


Artist – Spreevich

Metropolitan Filaret (in the world Vasily Mikhailovich Drozdov; 1782, Kolomna, Moscow province – 1867, Moscow) – bishop of the Orthodox Russian Church; Since July 3, 1821, the archbishop (from August 22, 1826 – Metropolitan) Moscow and Kolomensky. The largest Russian Orthodox theologian of the XIX century.

Filaret played a key role in committing an act of the throne of the throne from Alexander I to Nikolai I. As early as July 1823, on behalf of Alexander I, Archbishop Filaret, at the deepest secret, compiled a manifesto on the transfer of rights to the Russian throne from Tsarevich Konstantin Pavlovich to Grand Duke Nikolai Pavlovich. On August 16 (28), 1823, the manifesto was approved and 11 days later received by a Philaret in an envelope with the emperor’s own inscription: “To store in the Assumption Cathedral with state acts of my demand, and in the case of my death, open the Moscow diocesan bishop and Moscow Governor-General in Assumption Cathedral before any other action “.

Participated in the commission of the wedding to the kingdom of Emperor Nicholas I on August 22, 1826; On the same day he was erected to the rank of Metropolitan.

In August 1837-on the day of the 25th anniversary of the Battle of Borodino, he participated in the laying of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, and later contributed to its construction.

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