Departure (farewell of a leaving officer with his family)


The artist is Chernyshev

The real situation that took place in the family of Alexei Tomilov, the landowner, the philanthropist who lived in Old Ladoga is depicted. Tomilov’s son, an officer, going on the next campaign, says goodbye to his loved ones – mother and wife. On the right is Alexei Tomilov himself, the father of the departing officer. The picture is one of the early genre works, and for it in 1850 Chernyshev received a gold medal of the second dignity.

May 3, 1850 „The Academic Council was appointed to students of the Academy of Programs for obtaining gold medals of the first and second dignity, according to the sketches that were composed and approved by the Council “. To receive a gold medal of the second dignity „by painting of home scenes “A. F. Chernyshev had to write a picture „Farewell to the officer with the family “. On September 25 of the same year, the Council considered the written programs and determined to certify Alexei Chernyshev with a gold medal (Petrov. H. 3. 1866. With. 131–132, 145). Probably, then the picture was acquired by Emperor Nicholas I, who at the beginning of next year gave it to Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolaevich.

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