Sturm Pugachev Kazan


The artist is Muller

On July 23, 1774, the 20,000th army of Emelyan Pugachev burst into Kazan, teaching a massive massacre and pogroms there. The next day, the rebels were knocked out of the city with tsarist troops under the command of the lieutenant colonel and. And. Michelson. Pugachev supporters suffered huge losses, and part of his troops was captured. Michelson was granted a golden sword decorated with diamonds, a thousand peasants and a large amount of money. The composition of the Moller canvas almost literally reproduces the pages of the “History of the Pugachevsky Riot” and. With. Pushkin: β€œThe city has become the prey of the rebels. They rushed to rob houses and merchant shops, ran into the church and monasteries. The storm came. The fire spilled all over the city at this moment part of one wall collapsed and suppressed several people “. In the foreground of the picture, you can recognize Major General Methodius Nikitich Kudryavtsev, who was more than 90 years old, as well as the building of the Kazan Novodevichy Monastery and Kazan Kremlin. (WITH. M.)

Left below: Mall … b. 1847.

Electronic catalog “Heroes and villains of Russian history”. SPb, 2010. With. 225.

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