The pacification of the schismatic rebellion Peter I


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From early childhood, Peter showed the makings of the statesman. The painting “The pacification of the schismatic rebellion Peter I” Ivan Karmanov is equipped with an inscription that emphasizes the important postulate of the ideology of the young king: “The sovereign in the young lace pacifies in the form of the schismatics in the granutable ward, demanding the faith of the word dates. For this, he said with firmness until he was on the head of my crown, I will not pass the holy church to fight “.

The work was done in engraving by Nikolai Sokolov (1805). Obviously, this composition was especially in demand in Nikolaev times, when conflict relations of the official church with the Old Believers were aggravated. Painters in their subjects reminded that, along with the desire for enlightenment, Peter was also distinguished by reckless determination in critical moments. Elena Stolbova. Peter the Great in the visual arts // Both the navigator and the carpenter. Peter the Great in Russian art culture. SPb, 2022. With. eighteen.

The plot dates back to the time when there were two young tsars in Russia – Ivan and Pyotr Alekseevichi, and in fact their sister, Tsarevna Sofya Alekseevna, is the rule of the state. A double throne made for 10-year-old Peter and 16-year-old Ivan is visible under a canopy. On July 5, 1682, the famous “Royal Special Acts and the Royal Special Acts took place in the Facilitate Chamber, a discussion on church reform carried out by Patriarch Nikon. The schismatics who did not recognize the reform demanded a return to previous church establishments and rituals. The dispute reached the assault, but no decision was made. The next day, the instigator of the debate, the Suzdal priest Nikita Pustosvyut, was executed. Tsar Peter, due to infancy, did not accept participation in the discussion. The firm removal attributed to him by the later historiographers is quite legendary. Elena Stolbova. Exhibition catalog in Malaga "The Romanov dynasty". 2016

Below in the middle of the author (?) the inscription: Istoria of Peter the Great. The sovereign in the young summer pacifies in the granutant chamber of the schismatics who demanded about the faith of the word prenewh to the firmation, he uttered until I would have a crown of my crown to the Church of the Holy Fight. Wrote Ivan Karmanov in 1847.

Written according to the same engraving n.And.Sokolov, executed according to the drawing of n.AND.Sinyavsky. On an engraving text: "The pacification of the schismatic rebellion Peter I: painted n. Sinyavskiy – Gravated N. Sokolov. The story of Peter the Great… Moscow 1805. Staranem and dependency Vasily Korokov. From Russian and French text".

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