Five Benois brothers


The artist is Scotti

Depicted from left to right: Julius, Nikolai, Leonty, Francois and Alexander Leontyevichi Benois. In the hands of Leonty Leontyevich – a letter.
Benoit Julius (Jules) Leontyevich (1820-1898)-Kommersant, father of architect Julia Yulievich Benois, owner "Forest farm" in St. Petersburg, grandfather of architect Franz Yulievich Benois.
Benoit Nikolai Leontyevich (1813-1898)-architect. Studied at IAX (1827-1836). In 1834 he received – the second and first silver medals, in 1836 – the first gold medal and the title of artist of the XIV class. In 1836-1840 under the guidance of. AND. Tone participated in the construction of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. As a pensioner, Iah studied classical and modern architecture in France, Italy and Germany (1840-1846). In 1847 he received the title of academician; in 1857-professors of the 2nd degree. Served under the office E. And. AT.; since 1857 – architect of the highest yard. Among his works are court stables and maids of honor in Peterhof, the houses of the Ministry of State Property in St. Petersburg, theaters in Pavlovsk and Helsingfors, the Petrovskaya Agricultural Academy in Moscow and others. In his works he used new metal structures, stylizing them near Gothic (station in New Peterhof, 1855-1857). The father of Alexander Nikolayevich Benois (the famous art critic and artist), Leonty Nikolayevich Benois (architect) and Albert Nikolaevich Benois (Watercolist).
Benois Leonty (Ludwig) Leontyevich (1801-1883), in the family called "Uncle Lula", – Kommersant.
Benois Francois (Franz, Fedor) Leontyevich (1814-1858)-by the genus of activity was not related to art. He died of tuberculosis.
Benoit Alexander Leontyevich (1817-1875)-Kommersant. In his youth he was preparing to become an architect, but, having married the daughter of a rich businessman Fixen, he inherited the case in Germany. After the ruin of his wife’s parents, he remained in Hamburg, where he died. Father of the artist Alexander Alexandrovich Benois-Konsky.

Benois Louis Jules (1770-1822)-Father of depicted, ancestor of the Russian branch Benoit. Moved to Russia from France in 1794. Served as a metrmist at the St. Petersburg Imperial Court. He had eighteen children, of which seven died in infancy. The GRM collection has a group portrait of the Benois Olivier family, dated 1817.

The picture entered in its own carved gilded frame, on the upper edge of which in the three ovals of the inscription: „Le 25 November 1847", "Les Fres Benois", „Peint par m.Scotti ". The central oval hold two flying angels.

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