Portrait of a woman in an old suit


The artist is Moshin

Great Luki is one of the oldest cities of the Russian North, it was mentioned in Novgorod annals since 1166. In the 19th century, only memories and earthen fortress with bastions erected under Peter I remained from the historical past of the city. However, residents of the county of the County City of the Pskov province, which the great Lukes became, obviously, were proud of their city, which can be understood from the inscription at work.

The costume of depicted – a heartbreaking over a light shirt, an elegant kokoshnik – a typical Russian folk costume of the northern provinces of the country, in which small river pearls from the northern rivers were widely used.

In a rich merchant and city suit, the sleeves of the shirt were embroidered with magnificent patterns of white surface and vestibule along the finest batist. Such unique items are very rare, they can rather be seen in a suit of characters in picturesque works. A young woman, obviously, came from a very wealthy family with a traditional way of life. Thorough study of details, static, some disproportion in the image of the face and headgear allow us to attribute a portrait to the number of works of the so -called naive romanticism. Women’s folk costume in Russia of the XVIII – XX centuries. SPb, 2013. With. 63.

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