Portrait of Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna


The artist is chickens

Elena Pavlovna (Frederick Charlotte Maria Württemberg; December 28, 1806 / January 9, 1807, Stuttgart − January 9/21, 1873, St. Petersburg) − The Grand Duchess, the wife of Grand Duke Mikhail Pavlovich, a philanthropist, a state and public figure, a supporter of the abolition of serfdom and reforms of the mid -19th century.

The 400th anniversary of the Romanov house. SPb, 2013. With. 110.

Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna (nee. Frederick Charlotte Maria, Princess Württemberg; 1806 -1873) -daughter of Prince Pavel Karl Friedrich Württemberg from marriage with Princess Charlotte Saxen -altenburg. In 1824 she married Grand Duke Mikhail Pavlovich. She had five daughters: Maria (1825-1846), Elizabeth (1826-1845), Catherine (1827-1894), Alexander (1831-1832) and Anna (1834-1836). According to the memoirs of contemporaries, she had outstanding charm, was distinguished by education, the breadth of interests, and significant intelligence. It is considered one of the founders of the Russian Musical Society, the patroness of the Medical and Surgical Academy.

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