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The artist is Tropinin

The portrait depicts the famous Moscow guitarist-virtuosa Vladimir Ivanovich Korokov. Performing a romance, the guitarist as if reveals the state of his sensitive soul. With this way, the idea of ​​small cozy Moscow living rooms in the mansions of the first half of the XIX century, where in silence, rang out the quiet, soulful sounds of the guitar is involved. The lyrical household romance at that time took a large place in the city life, and the guitar became one of the favorite musical instruments.

Korokov Vladimir Ivanovich (1801-1864) – Russian guitarist, author "Full school for the seven -string guitar" and a number of works and transfers for your tool. Wrote "Historical outline of the Russian opera".

The picture repeatedly repeated and ranged by the author. The original option of the same name (with an embroidered collar of a shirt) of the beginning of the 1820s is located in the Museum of Musical Culture m. And. Glinka (Moscow).

+ About the restoration of the work
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The state of safety before restoration:

Upon admission to restoration, the author’s base had a strong deformation, in the right -wing and lower corners there were figured breakthroughs with jams, fractures and the loss of part of the canvas. A colorful layer showered along the edges of the breakthroughs. The author’s canvas was dilapidated, burned out and demanded strengthening. The connection of the colorful layer and soil with the base was broken everywhere, which entailed the appearance of small screens. Studies of the surface of the colorful layer in UV rays showed the presence of numerous small records lying on the varnish, located mainly against the background in the upper part and on the image of clothing. Yellow varnish significantly changed the color of the picture.

Complex of the events:

First of all, a full range of technical restoration measures was carried out, aimed at eliminating the emergency state of the work. The connection of the colorful layer and soil with the base is restored by strengthening painting, deformation was eliminated and breakthroughs of the canvas were made. To strengthen the base, the picture was duplicated on a new canvas. The disclosure of author’s painting from late entries and yellow layers of varnish was carried out, which returned the author’s color and tonal solution, the softness of touches. At the final stage, restoration tints were performed and the picture was covered with a protective layer of restoration varnish.

Keeping a story. Restoration workshop of the Russian Museum – 100 years. SPb, 2022. With. 103.

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