Carnival in Rome


The artist is meat -eaters

Information about the amateur artist A. P. Myasoedovo are extremely scarce and low -handed. It is known that he wrote historical paintings and portraits. Three of his works are stored in the timing. References to the works of this artist in other meetings were not found. "Carnival in Rome" He was written by Myasoedov by order of Grand Duke Alexander Nikolaevich, later Emperor Alexander II, and is mentioned in the notes of Count Mikhail Buturlin, where he talks about the stay of the heir to the Russian throne in "eternal city". Captain Myasoedov, being the son -in -law of General X. F. Soldeina, entered the retinue of the heir while traveling. The Grand Duke and the faces accompanying him, including the poet in. AND. Zhukovsky, depicted from the Palazzo Ruspoli from the balcony on Corso for a festive crowd. On the back of the canvas, a paper sticker with a list of depicted persons (more than a hundred names) has been preserved. Unfortunately, this register is difficult to read, since the ink has faded from time to time.

The painting of Myasoedov was exhibited at the three -year exhibition of 1842 in the Iakh halls under the name "Roman carnival, who was a heir to the sovereign with a retinue during the stay of the sovereign". It is made in the traditions of the so -called professional primitive, when the reliability of the image was given more attention than artistic study, and is an interesting historical and iconographic document. Carnival – in Catholic countries, the time from the day of the Epiphany to the clean environment (in the first week of Great Lent). In Rome it lasts only 11 days preceding a clean environment.

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