The artist is Shchedrovsky

And. With. Shchedrovsky in Russian fine art is widely known as the author of lithographs for the album "Scenes from Russian folk life" (1837–1839), which he fulfilled by order of OPX. His success was so great that he allowed the artist subsequently repeated the album four more times (1845, 1846, 1852, 1855). AT. G. Belinsky noted the reliability in the transfer of city scenes, the typicality of persons and characters created by the artist. In the future and. With. Shchedrovsky continued to develop a household genre, which became dominant in Russian painting of the second half of the 19th century. Several landscapes with hunters who, according to individual researchers, were not quite in the line of his work, were not reminiscent of paintings by the artists of the Venetian school, sharing all the merits of this picturesque school and all its charm. These landscapes have not yet been appreciated, but they are closest to the late landscapes of Grigory Soroka, when in the serene nature there are distinguishable notes of elegance, dreaminess.
In the landscape "Hunters" The space is depicted quite conditionally, the more expressive the silhouettes of trees, the horseman, the distant church at the horizon, the wavy bends of the soil. (By the way exactly "In mind for good successes in landscape painting" Shchedrovsky in 1836 was awarded the title of free artist). The landscape is characterized by the balance of the composition, the severity of artistic techniques, when simplicity turns into expressive conciseness. A striking sensation of silence exacerbates a sense of mystery and "romance" Nature. Hunters waiting for a rider on a horse seemed to stop forever. Only morning light gives the nuance of a temporary movement and brings a shade of farewell, which often blows from the paintings of the Venetian.

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