Portrait n. P. Zhdanovich for piano


The artist is Fedotov

Zhdanovich Nadezhda Petrovna (1836–1915) – daughter p. AT. Zhdanovich and his second wife about. P. Zhdanovich. It was brought up in the Imperial Educational Society of the noble girls under Smolny, released in 1854. Was married to an officer of the Finnish regiment and. And. Werner, subsequently general from infantry. Owned the collection of the works of Fedotov, autographs of his poems.

It is depicted in a blue dress with a white apron-uniforms of pupils of the Smolny Institute (3rd age).

The girl in a blue dress and a white apron is depicted at the time of the performance of a piano work: her eyebrows are slightly in surprise, seriousness in her gaze is muffled by a slight smile on her lips. With the help of certain compositional techniques, the artist allows the viewer to feel the character and mood of his model. The neutral background is slightly highlighted around the figure, creating a sensation of a light-air environment and at the same time focusing its central position on the canvas.

The portrait is distinguished by the immediacy and skill of execution. Despite miniature, painting is bold and energetic. The head and hands are especially clearly shut up. The characterization of the face indicates the strength, passion, liveliness and, at the same time, softness of the character of the model. The rich linear and luminous rhythm of the canvas, restrained pastel colors in clothes and the workshop transmitting the texture of the tree with dim colors of the tree.

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