Portrait e. G. Fluga


The artist is Fedotov

Among the portraits written p. AND. Fedotov, one of his late works is especially distinguished – the image of Yegor Gavrilovich Flug. The artist was well acquainted with the Flugs family who lived near him, on the 15th line of Vasilyevsky Island, in his own wooden house with a terrace and a large old garden. The story of creating a work is not entirely common. At first, under the impression of the death of a loved one, the artist created a drawing in which the flag was captured on the deathbed ("E.G. Flug in the coffin", Timing). In the portrait, oil written on the basis of the drawing, Fedotov re -worries the mournful feelings that they own then. He uses a drawing with its light -contained modeling (light source – candles located on the sides) to recreate the image of the living in front of the table.G. Fluga. On the portrait, the flog holds in his hands a sheet of paper, which obscures a bright candle. Warm light visible through paper softens the sharpness of the facial features. The gesture of the hand of Yegor Gavrilovich, as it were, blocks it from the outside world, the light is used as a kind of source of spiritual stress.Egor Gavrilovich Flug (George Gottfried; 1792–1848) – exchange notary, close to a friend.AND. Fedotova.

Exchange notary Egor Gavrilovich Flug (George Gottfried; 1792-1848) was a close acquaintance of p.AND. Fedotova, with his family, who lived in the neighborhood, he was friends.

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