Sea strait with a lighthouse


The artist is Aivazovsky

The picture was written in Italy among the seven performed in 1841. In all likelihood, a strait between the islands of Capri and Skrya is depicted. It is possible that it is this picture called "Island of SKYA when sunset" was sent by an artist from Rome in April 1842 to participate in an academic exhibition. At the very beginning of the 1840s, Aivazovsky opens the so-called pink period in his work. The combination of pink sunset or morning lighting with a calm sea, of course, is prompted by Italian nature. However, Aivazovsky enjoyed this spectacular picturesque technique, which made it possible to capture the air haze and the finest light -of -legged transitions in the depiction of the sky, lighting reflexes on the surface of the water and later, in the image of Crimean species.

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