The artist is Aivazovsky

The picture characterizes the work of the artist of the 1850s, who really knew the sweetness of European glory. In those days, each of his new canvas caused a surge of enthusiasm in society, and he had to repeat the old ones by orders of painting lovers. Canvas "Coast" With his characteristic state of captivating silence and the perfection of a picturesque solution, develops the composition of Aivazovsky in the 1840s in the 1840s. The touching and slightly sentimental motive for the farewell of the family on the shore is an organic part here "sweet" the beauty and harmony of the world with the serene sun -rising over the quiet sea, where a beautiful sailboat ready for a romantic trip froze was frozen. Later this motive was repeatedly varyed by the master – such are the canvases "Coast. Parting" (1868, GTG) and "Parting" (1869, Chelyabinsk regional art gallery).

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