View of the Sukeev mountains on the Volga in the Kazan province


The artist is Chernetsov

In 1838, the Chernetsov brothers traveled along the Volga. This was their old dream, because they made the last trip to the native Kostroma province 12 years ago. The beauty of their native places consecrated by the touching memories of childhood strengthened them in their intention, at all costs to visit "Blessed Russian river". The trip was made by the brothers Grigory, Nikanor, Polycarp, as well as their serf Anton Ivanov (since 1833, the brothers took care of him, and Gregory gave painting lessons). The task of traveling was in a historical, topographical and artistic study of the Volga lands. The Chernetsovs created a peculiar encyclopedia of the Volga, which was the center of folk life, where classes, languages, nationality were mixed. The brothers stayed in Yaroslavl, Nizhny Novgorod, Palekh, Kholuy and many other areas. They visited relatives in their beloved Lucha and in the district. At the end of a six -month trip in their diary, a record appeared: "Having sailed along the famous river, we gathered if possible everything famous on its shores. A long journey of water, life completely new for us, strikingly separated from the ordinary, left many memories in us, which, of course, will remain forever, especially about the formidable pictures of nature, when we fought in our weak boys either with angry waves, then with irresistible ice. Good providence has retained us".

Thanks to the picturesque and graphic works made by artists, not only the ancient monuments of architecture (temples, monasteries, public buildings), but also interesting natural phenomena and unique Volga landscapes were recorded to our time. For example, on the right bank of the Volga they were struck by the Sukeev mountains and deep caves on their slopes. For two days, along with the local conductor, they with torches visited several caves, while dressing in sheepskin coats, so as not to freeze, and clamping his noses from a strong sulfur smell. As a result, a series of exotic drawings from the dungeon appeared. And the sketches of local picturesque landscapes two years later Grigory Chernetsov embodied in the film “The View of the Sukeev Mountains on the Volga in the Kazan province”.

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