House cabinet in “Islands”, estate n.P. Milyukov


The artist is forty

The picture shows the room of the landowner n. P. Milyukov, who was the owner of a serf painter. In the depths of the room are two windows. Through their openings, behind which the Tver open spaces are visible, light penetrates into the office. We see the whole office from the perspective of a person sitting at a desk. On the table – various objects. Business prose – clocks, scores, scissors, printing and papers. Nearby-fashionable romance: skull is a symbol of the mortality of life, a press-part with a figure of Napoleon. The owner of the house is guessed behind the items – a neat and pedantic landowner. The figure of a boy sitting on the couch with a book in his hands – Conon Milyukov, the son of the owner of the estate sitting on the sofa of a book.

Milyukov Konon Nikolaevich (1835–1871) – third son of Nikolai Petrovich Milyukov and Agrafena Kononovna (also nee. Milyukova). Brought up at home. In 1853 he joined the Life Guards Semenovsky regiment non-commissioned officer. In 1860 he was transferred to horse artillery lightweight No. 11 Battery with the rank of lieutenant. In 1863 he was appointed to the Main Artillery Office. In 1866 he was transferred to the seventh hussar Belarusian regiment
Coatmist, then „Dismissed for homeless circumstances from the service of the Major with the uniform “. He was married to the merchant daughter Alexander Vasilievna Pavlova, had a son of Nikolai and daughter Agrippin. Lived in the village of Makovichi Vyshnevolotsky district.

On a desk that occupies the forefront of the interior, a press-part with the inscription: n p 1838 April 20. The number 1844 is thrown back in the same office accounts, which, along with the age of the boy sitting on the couch (to. N. Milyukova), was the basis for dating the picture.

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