Oak trees


The artist is Shishkin

Study for the picture “View in the vicinity of Dusseldorf” (Zh-6019).

The main result of Shishkin’s creative searches in the mid-1860s was the painting “View in the vicinity of Dusseldorf”, written by order of the St. Petersburg collector Nikolai Bykov. Considering this work in conjunction with the works “Teutburg Forest” (Zh-8632) and “Duba” (Zh-4127), one can present the consistent stages of the creative process of the master. From the faithful study of wood, stone, clouds he went to convincing generalizations in a wide panorama. Thanks to the verified ratios of “large forms” and lighten moments, the poetry of the landscape was born. Nature in the film “View in the vicinity of Dusseldorf” (as well as in the works “In the Grove” (Zh-4126), “Landscape with the Walking” (Zh-2815), “Walking in the Forest” (1880) (Zh-4129), etc.) was directly connected with people’s images. For “View in the vicinity of Dusseldorf”, exhibited in 1865 at an exhibition at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, Shishkin was awarded the title of Academician.

Sergey Krivondenchenkov. Collection of Shishkin painting in the Russian Museum // Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin. 1832–1898. Pictures, drawings and watercolors, engravings from the funds of the Russian Museum. SPb, 2020. With. 6-7.

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