View in Pavlovsky Park


Artist – hairs

Pavlovsky Park – one and the most picturesque parks in the vicinity of St. Petersburg. It was repeatedly portrayed by artists on their canvases. In the picture a. I AM. Voloskova, student m.N.Vorobyeva, the view of the Great Palace from the side of the Slavyanka and Park Marental is captured. On the right on the hill among the trees, the obelisk is visible to the foundation of Pavlovsk (project h project. Camerone, 1782); In the background – the Pavilion of the Three Gracies (the project of h. Camerone, 1801) with marble sculpture located in the center "Three Graces" Paolo Triskorny. On the left above the trees you can see the dome of the Great Palace (architects of h. Cameron, c. F. Brenna, a. N. Voronikhin; 1782–1804). Previously, the picture was attributed to m. And. Lebedev, but in 2007 authorship a. I AM. Voloskova is confirmed on the basis of stylistic and technological research, during which the signature and date of the artist on canvas were discovered.

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