Assembly under Peter I


The artist is Khlebovsky

In 1718, Peter I issued a decree on assemblies, entertainment evenings, which became an indispensable belonging to the public life of St. Petersburg. They were a prototype of future magnificent high -society balls, which was famous for the Russian Imperial Courtyard. Assembly arranged in turn in the houses of the nobility and were distinguished by a certain democracy. Anyone could be present on them, excluding peasants and representatives of the city poor. Dancing, various games, interesting conversations were a common pastime. Introducing the Assembly, Peter pursued the goal of instilling some Western European household traditions on Russian soil, which seemed useful to him and served, in particular, to the external and internal emancipation of a woman whose life was previously concentrated exclusively on the performance of household duties.

The picture of Khlebovsky is of historical in nature. The attention of those present at the Assembly was attracted by the newly included guest, long -bearded, dressed in the old boyar costume. He is trying to abandon the one, apparently as a fine for being late, a large cup of wine. This scene is watched with curiosity sitting at the table Peter I. On the right, the artist portrayed Empress Catherine with one of his daughters. Pavel Klimov // Electronic catalog “Heroes and villains of Russian history”. SPb, 2010. With. 187.

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Assembly under Peter I
Khlebovsky s. Assembly under Peter I
Creation year: 2015 | Computer movie | Language: | Duration: 06:00

Among many, often shocking reforms of Peter the Great, one of the most famous innovations was the holding of previously unprecedented public assemblies – assemblies.

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