Stones in the forest. Balaam


The artist is Shishkin

Valaam, who served as a place of summer classes-players, became a serious practice in full-scale work. Shishkin was passionate about the wild, virgin nature of the picturesque and harsh archipelago with its granite cliffs, centuries -old pines and fir trees. His works, performed mainly by the motives of the Walaam nature, have a realistic orientation. The well -known convention is adjacent to them with a thorough study of the details, with that closely looking for a distinctive feature of the master’s work. His main teacher was always nature. In sketches (for example, „Stones in the forest. Valaam “) He lovingly and surprisingly masterfully for a novice painter conveys the ancient boulders overgrown with moss, fern leaves, thin stems of herbs. Irina Shuvalova. “What could be better than nature!”// Ivan Shishkin from the collections of the Russian Museum and the Tretyakov Gallery. SPb, 2008. With. eight.

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