Port la Valetta on the island of Malta


The artist is Aivazovsky

In 1843, Aivazovsky made a trip to the island of Malta. Several excellent sketches have been preserved from this trip. One of them formed the basis of a picture, apparently written already upon returning to their homeland.

The main city and port of the romantic island knightly state attracted the artist with the opportunity to depict water and many diverse ships and vessels concentrated in a busy harbor: there is a stopped warship, and schooners, and boats, as well as a small steamer, similar to the one that ruled Since the 1830s along the coast of the native to the artist of Crimea.

Compositional technique – the image of the city with silhouette from the sea – was subsequently repeatedly used by Aivazovsky for large paintings, fixing the types of Russian seaside cities.

La-Valletta is the main city of the island state of Malta. Named by the name of the great master of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem (Maltese) Jean de Lavallett. Founded in 1566, from 1800 – British possession.

Aivazovsky visited Malta at the end of 1843 – early 1844. The picture, in all likelihood, was written on the basis of sketches made during the trip in Paris, where the artist remained from the beginning of 1844 to June.

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