Type of Constantinople


The artist is the roads

The work was based on the travel of the artist in the Caucasus and Crimea (1845) and, probably, participation in expeditions E. P. Kovalevsky in Egypt (1847). The Byzantine Constantinople, located on the cape between the golden horn and the marble sea, on the border of Europe and Asia, was the capital of the Christian Empire, the heiress of ancient Rome and ancient Greece, and this delighted everyone who was there. Mosque Tophana Nusretia, Sultan-Ahmet (Blue Mosque), Kyz Kulesi (Maiden Tower), Topkapi Palace, Cathedral of St. Sofia, the fountain of the Sultan Ahmed III, the monastery of the pantocrator, the gates of Edirnekapa, the fortress of the unit (seven -boiled castle), the bridge over the Golden Horn Bay, the Mausoleum of Suleiman I – all this reminded of the rich and interesting history and culture of Constantinople, the capital of the Ottoman Empire. Many artists sung it at all times, and in the middle of the 19th century they devoted their works and dedicated to her and. To. Aivazovsky and many others.

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