Charged by a storm


The artist is Sverchkov

Nikolai Egorovich Sverchkov was born in 1817 in St. Petersburg. His father, a peasant by birth, for a long time served in the court stables as a coachman and a groom. Maybe inherited the boy was transmitted to nature, the animal world and, especially, for horses.
“… I devoted myself to art by choosing Russian life, our hunts and travel in Russia,” wrote the artist. Having shown himself an excellent animalist, Sverchkov for a long time was a full -time artist of horse factories. In the 1860s, the work of Nikolai Sverchkov reaches the highest. The work of this period becomes not only true and accurate in drawing, but also picturesque in color solution. Sverchkova can be called a real singer of the northern winter, a winter road with its snowstorms, drifts, frosts. Perhaps none of the Russian artists turned so often to the plots in which there are long hours of traveling in carts and wagons through snowy desert fields and deaf forest countryside. Perfectly conveyed the riot of snowstorms in the picture “Beeled by a storm”. It darkened anxiously, the sky frowned, not a single ray breaks through its heavy black. Three horses drawn in a wagon with difficulty moved forward along the snow -covered road. A piercing icy wind blows, knocking tired animals from the feet of tired animals, blinds the coachman who unsuccessfully tries to obscure his hand from prickly snow flying in the face. In the distance, a small village is barely visible, lost in snowdrifts, to which travelers caught by the raging elements are trying to reach. The landscape here is not only a background for action, but also an active tool that helps to reveal an artistic image to understand the dramatic content of the canvas.

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