The second ancient gallery at the Academy of Arts


Artist – Mikhailov

The picture embodies the traditions of interior painting of the first half of the 19th century associated with school a.G. Venetianov. For students of Venice, which include the author of the picture, the accurate possession of the prospect and increased interest in the subject world is characteristic. At the same time, the canvas of Mikhailov is an interesting artistic document.

The initial decoration of the gallery at the Academy of Arts was completed in the 1780s. In the 1830s, the interiors of the academy were noticeably changed. In the picture in the center, the door leading to the conference room is visible, followed by a picture of f.AND. Bruni "Death of Camille, sisters Horace" (now – a collection of the Russian Museum). There are copies from Raphael’s frescoes on the right wall on the right and Titian’s picture "Ascension of the Mother of God". In the lower right corner, the artist portrayed himself at work.

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