The halt of prisoners


The artist is Jacobi

The most painful of all roads is the road to the place of imprisonment. Children, elderly and sick were not always affordable for hundreds of miles of the exhausting path „By stage “. The picture of Jacobi with all the harsh truthfulness conveys the severe suffering of doomed people. The picturesque canvas caused a lively response among contemporaries. It brought the artist the popularity and official recognition of the Imperial Academy of Arts, which honored the painter with a large gold medal. (WITH. To.) The road and the path in Russian art. SPb, 2004. With. 44-45.

The Russian genre painting of the 1860s is impossible to imagine without a painting “The halt of prisoners”. The picture was painted according to children’s impressions, since the Jacobi estate was located in the eastern tract, along which hard labor was distilled. The attention of the viewer is attracted by the deceased prisoner lying on the cart, probably affected by political beliefs. Simultaneously with the gendarme setting death, the prisoner, who is under the body, removes the ring from the hands of the deceased ring. On the left, at the layout, a group of exhausted women and children, obviously, voluntarily accompanying their husbands and fathers to hard labor, mournfully experience the death of the prisoner. Here the coachman, embroidering a horse, is behind it – a long string of exiles, surrounded by escort. The joyless landscape of the autumn steppe aggravates the gloomy impression made by the picture.

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