At the hay market


The artist is Volkov

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The state of safety before restoration:

The picture was in disrepair. The leak, the traces of which are clearly visible on the back, destroyed the binding soil and caused extensive lags of painting from the base over the entire surface in the form of stratification, bubbles and peeling. This, in turn, entailed the emergence of a large number of losses of a colorful layer. In addition, the leak provoked an uneven shrinkage of the canvas, and caused the occurrence of deformations, which further aggravated the situation. A very thin colorful layer and the lack of a protective layer of varnish also created an additional threat to the appearance of new losses.

Complex of the events:

The restoration of the connection between the colorful layer, soil and the basis was the priority task of restoration. In addition, it was necessary to eliminate the shrinkage of the canvas. Particularly complicated for strengthening are the peeling areas on the image of the sky, where the colorful layer in some areas lay in separate scales and could be lost with any touch. As a result of the conservation measures carried out, the entire surface of the picture was strengthened, the craquelure was laid in the plane, stratification and peeling of the colorful layer eliminated, the connection of the colorful layer with the soil and the base was completely restored, and deformation was eliminated. The author’s canvas, which suffered from the leakage, was stretched and reinforced by duplication on a new basis. The picture is stretched over the subframe. Special delicacy required the removal of surface pollution, since the varnish in the picture was absent and the painting was not protected. Restoration soil is brought into the places of loss of the colorful layer. Within the boundaries of the loss, the reconstruction of the colorful layer is performed.

The picture is put into a stable state and exposition view.

Keeping a story. Restoration workshop of the Russian Museum – 100 years. SPb, 2022. With. 119.

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