Solemn consecration of the Alexander column on Palace Square in St. Petersburg on August 30, 1834


The artist is Ladurerner

The Alexander column was erected on Palace Square in 1834 by architect Auguste Montferrand by decree of Emperor Nicholas I in memory of the victory of his older brother, Emperor Alexander I, over Napoleon. The opening of the column and its installation on the pedestal were carried out on the same day – August 30 (September 10 according to the new style) 1834. This day was chosen not by chance – this is the day of the transfer of the relics of the Holy Borous Prince Alexander Nevsky – one of the patrons of St. Petersburg.

On the occasion of the consecration of the column on the square, a military parade was held. It was attended by regiments distinguished in the Patriotic War of 1812 – only about one hundred thousand people.

The picture belonged to Emperor Nicholas I and was in the reception room of the first half of the Winter Palace. Dates back on the basis of Ladüurner’s own letter of April 24, 1840, where he notifies the Minister of the Imperial Court p. M. Volkonsky that he finished the picture, as well as publications in the “Artistic Newspaper” of October 1, 1840, which says that “Professor of Painting Ladürner graduated from a large painting“ Parade and prayer on the occasion of the opening of the Alexander Column ”.

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