Portrait of Alexandra Fedorovna, wives of Nicholas I, with her daughter Maria Nikolaevna on a walk on horseback in Peterhof Park


The artist is Bryullov

Alexandra Fedorovna (Frederika Louise Charlotte Wilhelmin Prussian, July 1/12, 1798, Potsdam − October 20 / November 1, 1860, Tsarskoye Selo) − The daughter of the Prussian king Friedrich Wilhelm III and Queen Louise, in 1817 married Grand Duke Nikolai Pavlovich, later Emperor Nicholas I. Mother of Emperor Alexander II.

The 400th anniversary of the Romanov house. SPb, 2013. With. 109.

Alexandra Fedorovna (1798–1860) – nee Princess Frederick Louise Charlotte Wilhelmin Prussian, eldest daughter of the king of Prussia Friedrich Wilhelm III (1770–1840) and Queen Louise (1776–1810). Sister of the Prussian kings of Friedrich Wilhelm IV and Wilhelm I. After the adoption of Orthodoxy – Alexandra Fedorovna. Since 1817 – Grand Duchess, the wife of Grand Duke Nikolai Pavlovich, from 1825 – Empress.

Maria Nikolaevna (1819–1876) – Grand Duchess, the eldest daughter of the Grand Duke, then the Imperial couple Nikolai Pavlovich and Alexandra Fedorovna. In the first marriage (since 1839) – the Duchess of Leuchtenberg, the wife of Maximilian Joseph Evgeni Augustus Napoleon Bogarne (1817–1852), the third Duke of Leuchtenberg. In the second morganatic marriage – Countess Stroganova, wife of Count Grigory Alexandrovich Stroganov (1824–1878). President of the Academy of Arts (1852 – 1876), first mistress of the Mariinsky Palace.

According to Mikhail Zheleznov, Bryullov wrote a portrait in early summer 1837 in Peterhof. “The sovereign left Peterhof for two days to St. Petersburg. To make him a surprise, Karl Pavlovich wrote at twelve o’clock on one canvas the Empress and Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna, in the alley of the Peterhof Garden, in front of the Samson fountain. Upon returning to Peterhof, the sovereign marveled at the agility of Bryullov and was pleased with the portrait. After that, it seems, it seems not to finish the portrait? And Bryullov turned him toward the wall and never was engaged in him again ”(to. P. Bryullov in letters, documents and memoirs of contemporaries. M., 1952). In the background – the image of the Lower Park in Peterhof, on the left is a fragment of the fountain group “Samson, tearing the mouth of a lion”.

Nicholas I. SPb, 2018. With. 90.

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