Type of Jerusalem from the Eleonian Mountain


The artist is Chernetsov

Repetition of the picture 1854. "The view of Jerusalem", located in the GTG.
In October 1842, the Chernetsov brothers visited Jerusalem, "The Holy Land, where an irresistible desire has been attracted so long ago, and to whom God judged after so many years to fulfill". But unusual conditions (storms, cold winds, constant rains) played their tragic role. Just a month later, the younger brother-20-year-old Polycarp, and the only consolation of the brothers Grigory and Nikanor was that they buried him on the promised earth, on Zion. The iconography of Jerusalem, created by the brothers, is recognized as the artistic encyclopedia of this holy place located "…in old age and decline, but great historical events", where "Homeless Arabian puts his temporary tent". Hevron, Emmaus, Jaffa, Bethlehem, Kan Galilean, Tabaria – all these places consecrated by gospel events are reflected in their works. Drawings with feather, Sepia and watercolors, as well as picturesque works are made carefully and reliably, with special inspiration.

This work can also be confirmed. It presents the panoramic appearance of Jerusalem from the Elongian Mountain. Jerusalem is the only city in the world that has more than seventy names expressing the love of people of different faiths. It was founded by King David about 3300 years ago, ancient cartographers and chroniclers took him a central place on the map of the world. Eleonian (Oil) Mountain got its name from many olive trees growing on it. According to legend, Jesus Christ passed the Eleonian mountain along the way from Jerusalem to Bethany. Here lived his friend Lazarus, whom he resurrected shortly before the end of his earthly ministry, here was the house of Martha and Mary. Jesus descended from the Eleonian Mountain to triumphantly enter a donkey into Jerusalem. On the night before the arrest in the Garden of the Garden on the slope of the mountain, Jesus prayed, anticipating his painful death on the cross. From the top of the Eleonian mountain on the fortieth day, Jesus ascended into heaven after the Sunday, blessing the students with the words: "I am with you all days before the end of the century" (Matt. 28:20) And promising to send them the Comforter – the Holy Spirit.

The dominant of the work and the center of the mountain is the mosque of the dome of the rock – a large octagonal temple, erected at the end of the 7th century on the site of the Jerusalem Temple destroyed by the Romans. The building is richly decorated from the outside with tiles, and inside with murals with sayings from the Qur’an, they are especially often mentioned by Jesus, revered in Islam as a prophet. The most famous part of the mosque is the dome itself. It is made of gold and visible from all quarters of Jerusalem. The ledge of the rock is closed by the dome, from which, according to legend, the Prophet ascended to heaven. Muslims believed that the creation of the earth began from this stone.

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