The view of the city of Yaroslavl


The artist is Chernetsov

In 1838, the Chernetsov brothers traveled along the Volga from Rybinsk to Astrakhan. The beauty of their native places consecrated by the touching memories of childhood strengthened them in their intention, at all costs to visit "Blessed Russian river". The task of traveling was in a historical, topographical and artistic study of the Volga lands. They created a kind of encyclopedia of the powerful Volga River, which was the center of folk life, where classes, languages, nationality were mixed. The brothers stopped Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Yuryevts, Nizhny Novgorod and other areas. The result of a half -year trip was to record in their diary: "Having sailed along the famous river, we gathered if possible everything famous on its shores. Good providence has retained us". Thanks to the works made by artists, the ancient architectural monuments and unique Volga landscapes that were not preserved to our time were recorded to our time.
This work, originally in the collection of the merchant of the 1st Guild, a talented and entrepreneurial person, "Russian nugget" AT. AND. Kokoreva, was written more than twenty years after a trip along the Great River, as evidenced by the author’s signature on the back of the picture: "The view of the city of Yaroslavl. From nature n. Chernetsov 1860".

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