The death of Ivan Susanin


The artist is Volkov

The sketch of the same picture of the same year (location is unknown)
There are several versions of the feat of Ivan Susanin, who saved Mikhail Romanov, who was elected to the kingdom of the Zemsky Cathedral in February 1613. Mikhail himself was not present at the cathedral, since back in August – September 1612 he was released by Poles from the Kremlin and left with his mother in his estate, the village of Domnino. It was located near Kostroma. According to legend, on March 8, 1613, the Poles tried to capture the young king, for which they sent a detachment to Domnino. Peasant Ivan Susanin, who served the headman, offered them his services. The Poles believed him, but he started their detachment in an impassable swamp. After refusing to indicate the right path to the place where Mikhail Romanov was hiding (the young king was hiding in the Ipatievsky monastery), Susanin was subjected to torture and then brutally killed. Andrian Volkov with an expression characteristic of sketches depicted the moment when enemies, enjoyed by the persistence of Susanin, inflict death wounds on him. The plot, which received wide popularity in the 19th century, forms the basis of the famous opera “Life for the Tsar” (“Ivan Susanin”) written by Mikhail Glinka. (E. Sh.)

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