Portrait of Anna Mikhailovna Vielgorskaya


The artist is unknown

Anna Mikhailovna Vielgorskaya, Countess (1823–1861) – daughter of the composer and art lover of Count Mikhail Yuryevich Vielgorsky (1788–1856) and Princess Luiza Karlovna Biron (1791–1853), granddaughter of Favorite Anna Ioannovna. Was familiar with a. With. Pushkin, who often attended the salon of the Vielgorsky brothers. N. AT. Gogol in 1848 asked her hands, but received a rejection of her parents. According to contemporaries, Anna Mikhailovna inherited her father’s musical gift, painted perfectly. At the insistence of her father, already middle-aged, she married Major General Prince Alexander Mikhailovich Shakhovsky (1822–1891).

Dated by the shape of a hairstyle. The portrait is certainly executed by a talented painter belonging to the circle of academic artists. It was suggested that the author of the portrait is and. To. Makarov. However, neither a stylistic analysis nor a technical and technological study allow us to agree with this hypothesis.

N. X. Unknown artist. SPb, 2012. With. 173.

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