View on the island of Valaam (Kukko terrain)


The artist is Shishkin

A serious professional school for a landscape painter was a sketch work on the island of Valaam. The artist with special diligence transferred the most unusual natural forms to the canvas: moss overgrown with moss, stunted vegetation, branches … All this accurately characterized the specifics of the “wild nature” of distant northern places. Severe landscapes seemed to attract landscape painters. Young artists, including Shishkin, sometimes made several trips to the island (“Landscape with a hunter. Valaam Island “(1867)). Sergey Krivondenchenkov. Collection of Shishkin painting in the Russian Museum // Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin. 1832–1898. Pictures, drawings and watercolors, engravings from the funds of the Russian Museum. SPb, 2020. With. five.

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