The scene from the Time of Troubles (the salvation of Marina Mnishek during the uprising against the Poles on May 17, 1606 in Moscow)


The artist is LOMTEV

Marina Mnishek (about 1588 – 1614) – representative of the Polish gentry kind of Mnicheks. The daughter of the Sandomirsky governor of the hedgehog Mnishek and Jadwigi Tarlo, the wife of False Dmitry I, crowned with him in May 1606, shortly before his death, and crowned as a Russian queen. Actively participated in all the main events of the Time of Troubles.

May 3, 1606, Marina Mnishek with great splendor entered Moscow. The chariot stopped in the Kremlin, at the Ascension Monastery. The bride was accepted by the monkey-king of Martha, the mother of Tsarevich Dmitry, who allegedly recognized his son in False Dmitry. Five days later, a wedding and wedding took place. However, on the morning of May 17, the alarm struck, announcing the uprising. The amazed half -dressed Marina, having heard of her husband’s death, jumped out into the canopy and then ran into the chambers, where she hid at the hofmeisterin under lush skirts. The faithful servant of Marina met the conspirators with a sword in his hand and restrained the onslaught of the crowd for a long time. Soon the boyars arrived and drove off the crowd, putting the guard to women.

The sketch of Lumtev, performed by a free brush and a complete romantic expression, captured the climax of the battle for the life of the Polish adventurer, who fell without feelings on the hands of his servants. (WITH. M.)

Electronic catalog “Heroes and villains of Russian history”. SPb, 2010. With. 130.

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